Pinterest is one of the simplest photo-sharing websites in the world. Its popularity is thus huge that billions of users ar registered to that and still the amount of users registering to the Pinterest ar increasing day by day. though the options of Pinterest ar numerous however the unhappy fact is that the users related to this have fixed a large variety of difficult problems. One such difficult issue, that we’ll be discussing during this article is related to it is not loading problem in several browsers.

Follow these instructions If Pinterest Not Working or Loading on Google Chrome:

If your Pinterest not working/loading on chrome so you must follow the given steps;

  1. the first and foremost step is to form sure that you simply are using an updated version of the Google Chrome browser and if you’re not, then immediately update it.
  2. the next step is to first take away the Pinterest extension from the Chrome browser so, set up it once more from the Chrome store.
  3. After that, you also ought to clear all the temporary files on your browser by deleting the cache and also the cookies of Chrome.
  4. Next, you have got to make sure that the Javascript is enabled on your Chrome browser so Pinterest will work properly
  5. Then, you have got to make sure that the extensions like all the ad-blocking, anti-tracking, and virus scanning extensions ar disabled on your browser. In case, if they’re not, then disable them one by one.
  6. Moreover, check that that you simply don’t seem to be working in the incognito mode in your Chrome browser as a result of generally, the users encounters some issues whereas doing that.

Pinterest not working or loading on ipad and iphone:

And, if your Pinterest not working on ipad, or your Pinterest not working on iphone then check this problems.

Solution #1: Clear Cache and Browsing History in Pinterest on iPhone and iPad

Solution #2: Delete the App and reinstall It once more

Solution #3: close up Background App Refresh/Disable Location Services

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