How to recover Microsoft account password with two-step verification

Before we explore how to recover Microsoft account password with two-step verification, we need to understand what is the two-step verification and why users should activate it.

What is the two-step verification?

If you have forgotten your Microsoft account password, you can simply recover your passport or change your password using the two-step verification process. Microsoft’s two-step verification process is an optional additional security level which can be activated, making it difficult for any other person to use your account without authorization.

Once the two-step verification is activated, it sends a security code to the phone, email or authenticator app every time you log into your account from an unknown device.

How to Recover Microsoft account password

Users can recover the Microsoft password using these simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Log in to
  • Click on “I forgot my password and then click Next”
  • Enter your Microsoft account which you wish to recover.
  • Enter the characters seen in the “captcha box” below.
  • Select how you wish to receive a verification code, i.e. on your email or phone.
  • You need to verify your self by entering the verification code received on your phone or email.
  • After you have verified yourself/your account twice, you will see an option to reset your password. Click it.
  • Now enter a new password of your choice. It is best to recommend to use a unique password with an alpha-numeric combination. It is also recommended to mix the password with upper and lower case characters and also add special characters to make the password stronger.
  • Now you can use your Microsoft account, hope these steps were helpful in answering how to recover Microsoft account password.


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