What are some tricks to increase Google Drive/Gmail space free

Google offers all users an initial 15GB of online storage space, shared across three of its most widely used services: Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos.

Users can upgrade their free 15GB account via a paid monthly subscription plan or annual subscription plan to get extra storage

space. Many people want to know about how to increase google drive storage free.

As you can see the instruction google permit to user to upgrade their google drive storage 100GB to 1TB space free.

How to Upgrade Google Drive Storage For Free?

  1. Keep your photos in Google Photos and not drive since Photos provide unlimited storage for high quality photos.
  2. Keep notes, documents, sheets, presentations etc. in Google formats like Docs, Sheets etc. because Google allows unlimited storage of such documents anddoes not deduct from your allocated quota.
  3. Empty the trash or bin of your Google drive to actually create space by removing items that are not required. When you move files to trash, they stilloccupy space on drive.

Other tips to upgrade google drive storage in free based on personal experience.

  1. Sort items based on file storage and then decide how to allocate space.
  2. Do not upload pdf of documents created using Google Docs, Sheets etc.
  3. Use shared drive storage of other account as you mentioned.
  4. Remove useless attachments from Gmail. Gmail also uses drive space.

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