How to Delete Gmail  or Google Account – Step By Step Guide

1. Sign in to your Google account using any of Google’s services (We’ll use Gmail to demonstrate.), then click your Google profile picture at the top-right and select “My Account.”

2. On the My Account screen click the “Delete your account or services” option highlighted in red below.


3. On the next screen scroll down until you reach the “Delete your account or services” heading, then click “Delete products” and sign in for the last time to your current Gmail account.


You’ll see a list of Google services attached to your account that you can delete. (It’s good to know in case you want to delete other Google services in the future.)

4. Click the bin icon next to “Gmail,” then enter an email address when prompted so your other Google accounts – Drive and so on – can remain active. Your alternative email address can’t be another Gmail address.


Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive an email at the address you entered asking you to click a link and confirm that you do indeed want to do away with your Gmail account for good.


5. Click the link, then read Google’s message that rightly claims not to be “the usual yada yada.” The most crucial thing to note is that if you were using this email address as a recovery address for bank details, important accounts, etc., then you will no longer be able to access this information.


6. Now that you’ve considered all the consequences, are you ready to delete your account? If so, then tick the box at the bottom of the “yada yada” box and select “DELETE GMAIL.”

That’s it! You no longer have access to any of the content of the Gmail inbox because that Gmail address is no more. To reiterate, you will still be able to access your other Google services attached to the deleted Gmail address using the email address you registered earlier.

7. Finally  delete your  gmail  or google account successfully.

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