How can I activate my Gmail account if it was disabled by Google?

Google Accounts are usually disabled if we think that the account’s owner hasn’t followed Google’s policies. These policies include the Google Terms of Service, the User Content and Conduct Policy, and other policies for our products and services.

Your account might be suspended from one or multiple Google products. You’ll know that you’re suspended if you get an error message when you try to sign in.

We can cancel and remove an account at our discretion and might not provide notice.

Ask us to restore your account

You can request access to your account by following these steps.

Step 1: Review Google’s policies

  1. Read the Google Terms of Service, the User Content and Conduct Policy, and the policies of any other product or service you use. 
  2. If you believe you didn’t violate any of these terms, go to Step 2.

Step 2: Submit a request

Fill out the My account is disabled form.

If we need more details or have information to share, we might follow up with you.

How do you reactivate a Google Gmail account?

We all know about Gmail, it’s a product of google and the best part of google is their simplicity, so with it to recover a Gmail account is so simple and for it all you have need to do is just follow the simple step guide here:

So, here is your Step Guide:

Step #1 First of all you will need to open Gmail account recovery page.

Step #2 Put your Email address to find it.

Step #3 Put your last password you remember.

Step #4 enter your recovery email or phone through which you want to get your validation code.

Step #5 Put your Code in the blank space.

So, friends, that was your last step hope that now you can easily get your account back but if you still having some issues and you want to resolve in this process .

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