Google Maps is used to find an idea about the detailed maps and helps a user to see the satellite imagery of the houses and streets with landmarks.It really works properly but at some occasions, the structure which will appear can be in a wrong location or missing entirely.There may error in the address which sometimes may be incorrect.

How Can I Change Home Address Location On Google Maps In Android

Google has facilitated the users for submitting and editing the location on Google Maps. All the map edits usually submitted through an specific tool that is called Map Maker.It can be done even directly by using the Google Maps.

How Do I change home location on google maps android?

  • It is first required to open Google Maps with the mobile Google Maps app.
  • You should search for a place that you want to report by entering an address into the given search field.You can even click or touch the location on the map.
  • For the description of the place,tap the link which is located at the bottom that says “SUGGEST AN EDIT.”
  • You can find few options for changing the location in Suggest an edit box:-
  • To change the address,click the address that is already present there.You are required to enter a new one.
  • When the marker on the map has not shown on the correct place,you should put a check in the box that is notifying that marker is placed incorrectly on the map.You should drag the marker to the correct location.When you are using the mobile app,it is required for you to click “Update location on the map” to move the marker.
  • When Google Maps location is permanently closed,you should toggle the option at the top of the menu which says “Place is permanently closed” or has never existed.
  • Tap the option to “Submit” button after the process has finished.The suggested edits are reviewed by Google staff before they come into effect

When any of you will not find the discussed issue satisfactory and according to your requirement,it is better to connect with customer support team.Not only this issue,how to change google map location but also other major threats can be resolved easily by the team of customer support.For contacting experts,you should use the helpline number.After using this specific number,you will be in direct contact of the technicians.To resolve the issue,remote desktop assistance will be applied.Individual will be even charged with certain amount of fee,it is will be too low to pay.Beside this,you may even use live chat and email service to contact the group of tech experts

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