how to send unlimited email from gmail

How To Send Unlimited Email From Gmail

Using an external SMTP server to send unlimited emails with Gmail and GMass

This Blog is a guide for GMass users that want to start using SMTP-based sending for their email campaigns in Gmail using GMass

The advantage of this setup are:

  • The ability to send virtually unlimited emails and not be constrained by Gmail’s sending limits.
  • No risk of an account being suspended by Google.

The disadvantages of this setup are potentially:

  • A slight decrease in deliverability, although from our testing, we’ve found the deliverability using Sendgrid as the SMTP server to be just as high as sending natively from Google.

Choosing an SMTP server

You have two choices to connect your GMass account to an SMTP server:

  1. If your email sending meets certain criteriayou can use my SMTP server, which is a high volume server with Sendgrid. Your email sends must be either a) non-commercial in nature (like school groups, membership clubs, social causes, churches) or b) completely organically developed. So, your emails can be of a commercial nature if your list is completely organic. If that’s the case, you’re welcome to use the SMTP service I have with my Sendgrid account. Contact us at to make this request, and state the nature of your email sending.
  2. If your email does not match this criteria, or you just want to use your own SMTP service, then feel free to set up an account on your own with Sendgrid, JangoSMTP, Mailjet, or any other SMTP service provider. Your company may even have its own SMTP server that you can use. In a future post, I’ll be analyzing the popular SMTP providers, also known as transactional email services, and explaining which ones I think are the best and worst. Once you set up an account with an SMTP service provider, you’ll have to configure the account in certain ways. Read on…

Configuring your SMTP service account

  1. GMass will connect without TLS/SSL to the SMTP server on the port of your choice. Most SMTP services allow you to connect on ports 25 and 2525 at a minimum.
  2. Ensure that open and click tracking are turned OFF with the SMTP server service. In fact, the SMTP server shouldn’t alter the message at all. It should just pass it through. This is because GMass will add the tracking for you if you set your tracking this way, and we don’t want the emails to be “double” tracked. Screenshot from Sendgrid:
    Sendgrid Tracking
  3. Ensure there are no quota restrictions on your SMTP account, or if there are, that they are sufficient to handle your GMass campaigns.
  4. Check to see what Envelope From, also known as MAIL-FROM or RETURN-PATH address your SMTP service will use when relaying your email. Most transactional email services like Sendgrid use a domain by default, which makes it so you don’t necessarily have to alter your SPF records. Some SMTP services require domain verification, because the domain in your From Address will be the domain in the MAIL-FROM. Just be aware of this. You may need to alter your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records.
  5. Ensure that Bounce Notifications are on. Set them to go to the From Address. This will allow GMass to process your bounces, just like normal. Not all SMTP services have this capability. Sendgrid and JangoSMTP do. Mailgun and Mailjet do not. Screenshot from Sendgrid:
    Sendgrid Bounce Settings

How to set your GMass account to send emails through an external SMTP server

GMass SMTP Configuration
Configure your GMass account to send via an external SMTP server instead of your Google account. The Sendgrid credentials show above are not real.
  1. First, reload Gmail in your Chrome browser to make sure you have the latest version of GMass.
  2. Click Compose to launch a new window.
  3. Set the To field to
  4. Set the Subject to the word set. Wait a second for the form to appear in the Message area.
  5. Enter the SMTP server, port, username, and password after the colons.
  6. Hit the GMass button. Do not hit the Send button.

GMass will attempt to relay a test message through the server to yourself. If successful, the SMTP server will be set for your account.

To clear out the SMTP settings, set the Subject to “clear”. To view the SMTP setting currently on your account, set the Subject to “status”.

Other Alternative Method How to send unlimited mail from Gmail?

Due to its capacity to reach a vast audience in the quickest manner, email marketing is considered one of the most effective digital promotion techniques. It can be done at an affordable cost. Usually, Gmail or Yahoo not allows any user to send unlimited emails at once. Some strict limitations are there. So, you need to understand the aspects of email delivery first. You can send unlimited messages to a registered email address. Well, sending unlimited emails from Gmail is really not a matter of worry. It is within your reach now.

If you are keen on breaking this rule, we request you to make the use of a monitored outgoing server, a professional SMTP service. It allows you to send unlimited by increasing the delivery charge. The turboSMTP is a reliable name in this regard. It provides you a powerful real-time email tracking tool. By its use, you can find the click-through rates, open rates, and a number of bounces.

Widely acknowledged Gmail Customer Service Phone Number is another dependable way to resolve this issue. It connects you to the specially trained professionals who have immense knowledge about this matter. Can be accessed anytime, from any corner of the globe, this number is committed to enabling you to send unlimited emails from your Gmail account. Even you can start sending uncounted numbers of emails from today if you are intended to make a direct discussion with the expert team. Your problem will be solved within a small duration of 10 minutes; it can be 15 minutes at maximum.

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