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How To Recover Suspended Google Adsense Account

How to Reinstate/Recover/Restore Disabled Google AdSense Account

Most of our content is focused on building niche sites and AdSense monetization, so if you no longer have that as an option there hasn’t been much to say. Still, it’s a pretty serious issue for those affected and we wanted to give them the options that we know are available and would use if such a thing were to happen to us.

Are you sure your AdSense account was disabled?

Some have found that their ads were not appearing on their website, but they still had access to their AdSense account. This may be due to the fact that AdSense has been disabled for that particular site, but their account is still active. (Alternatively, it COULD be that there’s a lack of advertisers in your niche, although less likely)

The best thing to do would be to check other sites to ensure ads are appearing or you could try adding someone else’s AdSense account to the site to see if the ads appear for them.

When your account is disabled, Google sends you an email stating as much and puts a general answer as to why the account was disabled. Google will likely NOT elaborate on the specific causes of the ban as that would give away specifics about their internal workings they’d rather not release.

Why does Google disable/Suspended AdSense accounts?

In reading and talking with many (not all) people who have had their AdSense accounts disabled it becomes apparent that most understand exactly what it is they were doing wrong. For those that were not aware, it becomes pretty obvious after just a bit of discussion that they’re blindly unaware about what is and is not allowed under Google’s ToS regarding AdSense accounts.

It’s extremely important for Google to protect their advertisers and they’ve obviously made that a priority within their system. If the advertisers aren’t comfortable they’ll be receiving legitimate and useful traffic, all of the advertisers would dry up and us publishers would be left with a system that doesn’t pay nearly as well.

Even if we don’t always get credit for clicks, get lowered value due to smart pricing, etc…we’re thankful Google is protecting the long-term viability of the AdSense program.

How can I get/recover my suspended Google AdSense account back?

The only way to get your account back that is accepted by Google is to file an appeal. You can file an appeal here

While the appeal process is the only way to legitimately reinstate your personal account, Google also allows legitimate businesses to apply for and join the AdSense program.

Many top AdSense earners intentionally setup and run multiple businesses (corporations or LLC’s) to diversify their AdSense income across accounts or to take advantage of smart-pricing rules and policies. No matter the reason, it’s important that these companies ACTUALLY be separate entities, both from a legal and banking perspective.

It’s also important to remember that whatever it was that got your AdSense account banned from the sites you had it on previously may again affect you if you decide to put that AdSense code on the same sites. If those sites had previously put the advertisers at risk, it’s somewhat safe to assume that another account may be considered to pose the same risk to those advertisers.

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