how to reset aol password

How To Recover or Reset Aol Password

AOL password is majorly a string of characters that protects all important information in an AOL mail account. And, if you have an AOL account troubling you, then possibly you’re here searching for answers to questions like- How Can I Reset/Recovery my AOL Password? What shall I do to recover lost AOL Password? Is it possible to change AOL password on MAC?

With a plethora of similar questions hovering around your mind, let’s explore a relevant answer and get respite from all your AOL password concerns.

What Can You Find Here about aol password reset/recovery

As said earlier, the guide is all about AOL password issues. In specific, here you can find a solution to:

  1. Forgotten AOL Password
  2. AOL Hacked Password
  3. Change AOL Password without Security Questions
  4. Login error after changing AOL Password
  5. Not Responding AOL app after resetting AOL Password
  6. Non-working AOL Password Reset option
  7. AOL not letting users Reset Password
  8. Prompting AOL Password every time you open Mail window.

However, before learning their solutions, refer the instructions given ahead to know about conventional AOL password changing process.

Find Out the steps how to reset/recover aol password

Unable to sign-in your AOL mail because you forgot AOL password? Then, recover your email account here, without troubling yourself much!

  1. Start by typing your username on the AOL mail sign-in page.
  2. Click Next and ‘I forgot my Password’ link to start with the recovery of forgotten AOL email password.

Now, you’ll see the account verification options on the screen. These options will indeed depend on the recovery information, stored on your AOL mail account. Therefore, based on the available choice, reset/recover AOL Password.

Method 1 : How to Recover/Reset Aol Password With Email Address(Alternate Email)

Generally, when AOL account doesn’t have a recovery phone number, by default the recovery email address option is available, provided the account has this data.

  1. Now in the displayed option, you’ll be asked to confirm your access to the recovery mail address. Click “Yes, send me a verification code” button.
  2. Then, log in your recovery mail account to get the verification code.
  3. Open the email with subject line “Recover access to AOL account” and copy the code from it.
  4. Next, return to the verification screen and paste the code.
  5. Click continues and you can successfully get to the screen prompting for a New Password.
  6. Type the password in both New and Confirm password fields and then, click Continue and OK button.
  7. If the procedure completes without any technical glitch, you can see a ‘Reset password done’ message on the screen.

In case, you’ve both recovery mail and phone number, you’ll see the latter option first. But, if you want to avail recovery email option, Click “I don’t have access to this phone” button.

Method 2: How to Recover/Reset Aol Password  With Phone Number

If you’re wondering- “what can be the easiest way to reset my password at AOL?” Then, the answer lies here! With the stored recovery phone number option, you do not need to login anywhere for the verification code.

In fact, there are two ways to recover lost AOL password using phone number:

  • Firstly, enter the missing phone number digits on AOL screen that must match with the recovery number on your AOL account. However, if this option is unavailable, then:
  • Click either “Yes, send me verification code” or “Call me with verification code” button, as per your choice. For the former choice, you will receive a code in text message while for the latter one; you need to receive a phone call for the verification code.
  • Next, type this code in the asked field and click Continue and OK button to reach the AOL password reset screen.

Method 3: How to Recover/Reset Aol Password With Security Questions

Without recovery phone number or email address, you can gain access to your AOL account by answering certain questions along with the profile information. For instance, you may be asked to enter personal details like zip code, name, and date of birth. Now, to begin:

  1. Type the relevant answer to asked questions in the provided field and click Verify button. Remember to enter the answers, which match the already saved information.
  2. Next, click Continue button to reach the AOL password reset screen.
  3. Then, type afresh and same password in both New and Confirm password fields.
  4. Lastly, click on Continue and OK button to complete the process.

Remarks: These are the above step how to recover/reset aol password will help to recover your data also either having trouble dial 1-866-535-7333.



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