google drive troubleshooting

How To Fix Google Drive Troubleshooting

How To Fix the Google Drive Issues or Troubleshooting

Google Drive is the storage solution to Google users and one can store large amount of data in the drive. It is one of the safest location to save the data and also can be accessed easily. Sharing of files using Google Drive is safe & secured and takes much lesser time. User can read the saves documents in the drive and makes changes to the file as required.

But there are instances when the Google Drive user might problem in file access or even faces problem in accessing the drive. This article focusses on the drive issues and fix Google Drive issues with proper troubleshooting. One of such common faced in Google Drive is the problem in accessing of files in the Drive and if the users sees ‘Temporary Error (502)’, wait for some time as the problem is a temporary one. Also try another device for the access of the drive and check G Suite Dashboard status to look deep in the problem.

Here are the troubleshooting steps to fix the Google Drive file opening issue –

  1. Check the internet connection as there will always be problem in Google drive access if there is weak internet connectivity.
  2. Check the browser version and if the user is having an outdated version then update the browser. Also delete the cache and cookies from the browser.
  3. If the user exists the size limit of the file then there can problem in file loading. So, limit the size of the file by reducing the size.
  4. Turn offline access on and off to solve the problem. Go to ‘Settings’ next to ‘Offline’ and check or uncheck the option ‘Sync to edit offline’.
  5. Check the virus scanning software to solve the Google Drive issue.
  6. Check the firewall and proxy settings and customize the settings to allow connection to the drive. Sometimes proxy settings blocks access to drive.
  7. Dial Google Technical Support Number to get more advanced steps over the file access issue in Google Drive

Now one of the common problem Google Drive user faces is that Google Drive has run out of storage. One of the easy option is to upgrade the amount of storage on Google Drive taking monthly price plan. Also another common problem faced is Google Drive is unable to print or work properly. To solve the problem make sure that printer software is updated, also use updated browser and disable browser extensions to print effectively.

Also use Google Drive issue tracker to track the issue and get instant solutions. Try out the Google helpline number and talk with the experts to fix the Drive issue permanently. With the help of remote troubleshooting, solution to the Drive problems is provided at very least costs.

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