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Google Duo Troubleshooting Error

How To Fix Google Duo Connection And Application Problems Error?

Google Duo is the mobile app available for video chat and is available on Android and iOS operating systems. User can experience video calls in 720p HP optimized for low bandwidth mobile network. Video quality is high and by default end-to-end encryption is enabled. With one tap now calling is available and easy switching form cell to WiFi. Now there are instances when the user has faced problems with the application and this article will help in solving some of the issues.

Most of the time there is a connection problem with the Google Duo application and to solve the connection issue follow the steps –

  • Make sure that there is proper internet connection and also the device is connected to the internet. For that check the Mobile data settings.
  • Restart the application to solve the Google Duo issues. For that move to ‘Settings’, then ‘Applications’, then ‘Application Manager’ followed by ‘Duo’. Finally select ‘Force Stop’ button.
  • If the application issue is not solved by application restart then try solving the problem by device restart.
  • Also contact Google Duo support for the best application solutions and advanced troubleshooting steps for the connection problem.

Now if the user is facing any video or sound issue during call then follow the steps –

  • Be sure that there is no blockage in the device camera or microphone.
  • Check whether the camera or microphone is in the correct direction.
  • Check the Wi-Fi connection and look for proper internet connection.
  • Make sure that the device battery is charged fully and look for a stronger connection.
  • Also restart the app and then the device to resolve the video or sound issue.

Not able to fix the Google Duo application problem? Dial Google Tech Support Number for install help and assistance. Also get the expert suggestions by proper diagnosis of the issue remotely and support team takes of the troubleshooting needs.

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