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Could not access Gmail account

Solutions to the Hindrance/issues: Usually we get calls regarding Gmail support and assistance toward various issues like hacking, fraudulent, data theft , bullying etc.

In the case of Johny Smit, we received his call on our registered toll free number he was low at tone and was not aware of what is happening with his account. With the little help of Mr Smit our technician could helped him out and get an access of his Gmail deleted all the anonymous emails and in the end made changes in the account setting and secured properly.

Mr Smit was more curious about protecting some pictures and important data’s. Technicians understood the issues and resolved instantly. Mr. Smit thanked us for the support from our side to him.


What we do for conversion of results:

The following steps made our technicians to solve the problem and added the case to the list of success.

Step 1

The technicians were assigned for the assistance of Mr Smit, initially listened to the complete information about the issue and checked from their side.

Step 2

Technician told him to log in to his Gmail account on the computer and click on various options to get an access of Gmail account.


Technician directed Mr Smit to go to the settings and then click general and other setting options to secure the Gmail by changing password (strong).

Step 4

To relief from all the problems Mr Smit was asked to delete all the anonymous emails.

Step 5

Asked him to check spam , sent email etc to make sure an unethical activities didn’t take place.

Step 6

In the end, the technician gave knowledge about Gmail. Under such situation how he himself could fix up the issues.

The conclusions –

  • Gmail was go to go
  • Settings were changed by putting a strong password
  • All the unnecessary emails were clean.

We are always there for our customers! As happy customer happy us..

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